Parmigiano Reggiano PDO 22 months

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You could well call it a “masterpiece” of cheesemaking tradition, one of the world’s most ancient and well-known cheese specialties. Parmigiano Reggiano is a 100% natural product with unique nutritional and sensory properties. For over nine hundred years it has been faithfully made according to the same recipe based on dairy artisan care and time. This highly digestible cheese has a decisive flavor.

It acquires its distinctive characteristics by feeding the cows on fodder of our own production: plants from the Apennine meadows that provide the milk with an unmistakable, intense and persistent aroma.

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Local character




Cheese produced by our Dairy, from the Apennines to your home

We protect the wholesomeness of our products by keeping alive a heritage based on naturalness. We work every day with the same passion as our fathers to create products of unique and unmistakable flavor.

Our cheese specialties perpetuate age-old, authentic expertise based on local values. Buy them in our e-shop and help us keep our craftsman’s traditions alive.

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